The third online meeting of the Erasmus + project “Responsible Smart Citizenship against Poverty and Social Exclusion” was held

On June 1st, the third online meeting of the Erasmus + project “RSC against P&SE” was held, aimed at dealing, especially, with the issues related to the next delivery of the Interim Report (financial, dissemination and evaluation) to the National Agency Spanish, responsible for subsidizing Erasmus+ projects with Spanish coordinators.

After a year and a half of development, the partners of the “RSC against P&SE” project put on paper the achievements obtained in different essential areas in the life cycle of a project, so that our National Agency can assess and evaluate their relevance. The financial area, dissemination and a general evaluation of the activities carried out, as well as the work of the team or the coordination of the project, will be reflected in the reports that the consortium must deliver in this month of June.

During the meeting these issues were discussed and, in addition, an overview of all the results and activities of the project was made. The consortium showed their enthusiasm with what has been achieved so far, without losing sight of future actions, such as the testing of the two trainings developed or the completion of the Virtual Environment with all the documents and reports carried out by the partners.

The next meeting of the consortium will be in person next September in Cyprus.