Topic 2 The first contacts: Evaluation of the problem and participatory design of the process

We approach the problem by taking walks, workshops, interviewing associations, institutions, experts… generating trust and creative environments where people begin to feel like protagonists.

  • We collect existing information, for example on a “timeline” that gives us “historical analysers”, or walking the territory in a “drift” or “transect”, etc.
  • The work plan is designed after clarifying what is to be found out and who is willing (objectives, means, time, methodology, strategies).
  • The formation of the Project Monitoring Commission can be started, if it does not already exist.
  • We held a first stakeholder mapping workshop or “sociogram”, to get closer to the sectors we are going to listen to. We can interview some “experts” who remind us what issues we should not forget in the process.
  • As we move through the community and its territory, we create bonds of trust and work with those “accomplices” with whom, little by little, we will constitute the Motor Group of the participatory process.