Topic 4 Dissemination of the project

The entire tracking process above serves as a very useful platform for setting up a workshop to present the project to all the social agents with whom we have already contacted, and with whom we have not yet done so, and perhaps also serve as the first self-diagnosis workshop.

The objectives of this workshop are several:

  • make known the project, arouse interest (people have to see it as useful, that it is of use to them, as their own),
  • encourage participation in it (here you can already talk to people for the working groups)
  • collect suggestions and demands regarding the subject of analysis.

The Multimedia Team

Dissemination tasks with the press or local media, managing recording devices (videos, etc.) or establishing a network with Internet media are becoming increasingly important. We can always find someone who is encouraged to set up a small team that serves to give these coverages.

We must take care of these first contacts and with some regularity they must be participants in the process. Not only using the telephone, because with the new technologies many innovations can be made and people can feel gratified in this way. It is not about rigid operating structures, but about flexible ways of collaborating.

We will all be incorporated into the same process as Informal or Formal Communicators.

For example, it is important to study which people of all cultures or sensitivities that may be in a community should be at a press conference, or in a photo of the process. Undoubtedly, there are always leaders who want to stand out, and this is unavoidable, but the roles can be distributed, having several spokespersons instead of just one and making the presentations collectively. It can be explained that for the sake of the process, it is better for more heads to be visible than fewer, etc.