Topic 4 The operational report

The Operational Report is a work tool for all the people who have participated throughout the process. Therefore we have to write it in a clear language and that it reaches all the people participating in it. It is an essential element, not so much to strictly comply with it, as to have a reference on which to verify the fulfilment of objectives or to be able to justify the variations that are necessary. Without some document of this type, everyone would improvise whatever occurred to them and the lack of coordination would make it impossible to carry out the participatory process.

Partial progress or systematization reports can also be made on the basis of what has been happening (in addition to the information collected with the different techniques and workshops, all those notes resulting from the participant observation mentioned at the beginning of this course are relevant. Writing about what has been done and incidents is a way not only to review what has happened and what has had to be rectified, but also to learn and show others the processes, forecasts and lessons that can be learned.