Topic 6 Designing sessions and choosing techniques based on the objectives and group phase

One of the tasks that technical people face when working with groups is having to prepare and design projects and sessions for those groups. On many occasions we can feel somewhat disoriented or doubtful when choosing what type of activity or content will be better, sometimes we also want to find new activities and techniques that help us innovate.

There are three important elements that must be combined when designing group work. These aspects are, on the one hand, the objectives, that is, what we want to achieve, and on the other hand, the phase or moment in which the group finds itself. Based on these two aspects, we will decide what type of methodology and what techniques are the most appropriate to work on that objective with that specific group at the time they are.

To exemplify: it is not the same to prepare a session in which it is intended that a group think of proposals for activities to carry out in a day centre with a group in an already mature stage, to a session to analyse how health affects people with a group in the infant stage.

u00a0In relation to the objectives: the objectives we have for the project as a whole are not the same as those of one of its phases and those of a specific session. In other words, we move on different scales that should always be very clear when working with the group and preparing the different sessions and activities.