Virtual Environment

Digital Toolbox

In this section you will find the states of play about Poverty & Social Exclusion (Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Spain), a collection of BBPP and a search engine for pedagogical materials and didactic resources.

Methodological & Evaluation Toolkit

In this section you will find 4 Guides (EN, IT, EL, ES) with innovative methodologies: Collaborative Learning; Participatory-Action-Research; and a country-specific methodology. In English you will find the complete guide with 5 methodologies

Education and Social Participation Program against P&SE

In this section you will find two training programs for the acquisition of key competences that will lead you to the design of collaborative and participatory projects to fight poverty and social exclusion.

Policy Advocacy Toolkit.

Toolkit for Advocacy, Transfer and Sustainability for the implementation in the EU of the “RSC against P&SE” Strategy.


Space for the exchange of ideas, materials and resources, and for the sharing of ideas and participatory projects in the fight against poverty and social exclusion.